Nordisk Filateli
Hedstigen 4
S-277 32 Kivik, Sweden
Tel 046(0)414-70230


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Nordisk Filateli
- the leading stamp magazine in Scandinavia!

Nordisk Filateli is the largest commercial stamp magazine in Scandinavia, and no other magazine in the Nordic countries has so many active stamp buyers among their subscribers. If you are interested in advertising in the magazine, contact us for further information.

Nordisk Filateli´s Yellow Pages
With the active stamp dealers in Scandinavia. Each page has links!

Stamp Diary - What´s on in Scandinavia?
Follow one of the three links:
- "Auktioner" = Auctions
- "Mässor" = Stamp Fairs
- "Utställningar" = Exhibitions

Advertising rates – follow this link!